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Although Fall Ball is in the rearview mirror, all is not quiet behind the scenes. New schedules are being born for the Spring season , Holiday swag is being organized, never a dull second with all the lacrosse to be played in a year! Coaches will be having a meeting next Tuesday to download their fall ball experiences, and then offensive and defensive coaching drills and strategies will be discussed amongst all age levels to get prepared to bring you all the best Empire season yet. There is so much interest in playing the travel circuit after rec season that we would like to offer families the option of playing locally for their hometown. We will be announcing the tryout dates so please look for that information coming soon. We will play four tournaments, on weekends throughout the month of June and will end with a tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC.

January Divorces: More About Why They Happen

January Divorces: More About Why They Happen - Richardson Brown

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Attaining puberty is similar to taking the first step in a brand new life all together. There are many changes which are inevitable, but the most exigent transformation which females undergo is menstruation. This change will continue to be a part of their lives until they reach approximately forty years of age though recent studies declare that urban culture is resulting in early menopause. Often, when my girlfriends and I meet, our most embarrassing, yet most frequently discussed topic is about how often our white skirts used to get that red stain on it while playing or while getting up from a chair and how the boys in class used to giggle and gossip about it, way back when we were in school.
January divorces are common. As a result, January has acquired the name of divorce month. However, a recent study shows it may not actually be the month with the highest divorce rates. A study done by the University of Washington analyzed 15 years of divorces being filed in Washington. Researchers found that divorces peaked in August and March.
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